My internet might go out soon so does anybody have some offline games I can play or just something to do when its out? Thanks

This gif accurately describes my mood 99% of the time


exploring your gender is so fun and rewarding

it’s like walking into a giant closet where nothing costs any money and you can just hang out and try a bunch of stuff on and some things make you are okay, and some things are not okay. but so many things are so nice and make you feel Good about yourself! and you can wear 15 different things at once! or 3 of the same thing! or nothing! or something that feels like nothing! and two things can look different but be called the same! or they can be called the same name but look different! and you can always change your mind and customize all of it because it’s yours!


Reading anything truscum write is like a kick to the uterus


truscum more like


Haha wow bubblespinksy is literal shit

He wants me to delete my blog b/c he harassed me. Nice.

can i have the link to your about page,, uwu

This is such a transparent joke holy shit

If I'm only cis by force do I still suck? (I like your blog, btw.)

Nah only the cis people that are lgbt+phobes suck


Were shit
Queer up

My biological gender is nb

It always has been an always will be


Possible new url? ‘tarting’ is derived from pop-tarts btw

Tucute selfie day is now after every truscum selfie day.

Me before I do anything: no wait thats gay


i hate truscum w/ every fiber of my being but don’t call trans ppl ugly please

Karezi is canon you little shit

Spoons: 4 out of 5